GayGreetings.US is a free greeting card creation system.

No special occasion is needed . . . just tell someone that you are thinking of them.

We encourage you to create a card and send it to a friend.

You can choose from:
  • Ready-made cards
  • Create your own card
  • Send a card with sound
  • Create a fake magazine cover with your photo
  • Create a Christmas Greeting with your photo

Telling your friends you are thinking of them in your own voice is a great way to personalize your message.
  • No membership is necessary.
  • Cards that you create using our design tool are sent direct.
  • Pre-designed cards and cards with mp3 attachments need to be picked up by the recipient.
  • This site is supported by limited advertising, but the recipient will not be subjected to advertising in any form.
  • There are no charges, fees, or upgrades, but we appreciate your support of our sponsors.
Below are examples of greeting created with our Flash Design Tool using our images.

CLICK HERE for an example of a greeting with an uploaded personal photo and uploaded personal recorded message. NOTE: The image and mp3 files must already exist on your computer.   

Here is an example of a Prepared Greeting:

Your personal message and/or details of your party or event will appear under the greeting.

CLICK HERE to view how your greeting appears to the recipient.

Now you can create Faux Magazine Covers using your OWN photo and our templates.  Here are some examples: 
Pumpmagazine002.jpg  cumdrinkercocksucker.jpg

fistingtop.jpg  armpitlovers.jpg

We have over a dozen fetish oriented templates and new templates are added often.  You can download your magazine cover and email it to your friends.

All of our images and audio are either Purchased License, Public Domain, Creative Commons License, or Original Creations.

Sources of our images:
  • WikiMedia
  • Library of Congress
  • U.S. Government Printing Office
  • Agencies of the U.S. Government
  • Yale University
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • New York Public Library
  • National Archives
  • Various Content Retailers such as: Nevest, Cool-Content, Rock Bottom, Zip Content, and many others.
  • GayGreetings.US original creations